I am a Senior Editor with LTS Editorial, an editorial firm out of NYC that specializes in helping authors elevate their books and themselves so they can reach the audiences that need and want their books. I edit book projects and offer related services (including sensitivity readings) exclusively through LTS Editorial.

Through a combination of editing, strategizing, coaching, and supporting authors, I help them become the writers the world needs. If you’d like to learn more about our services at LTS Editorial, please check out our website. (Make sure to mention my name* when you sign up!)

Whether or not I’m the right editor for you, I know LTS Editorial can help you reach the audiences looking for your work.

Other Editorial Work

I’ve been editing for over a decade in various environments, from nonprofits to institutions of higher education to state government. I have been the managing editor of Bella Media Channel, where I edited personal essays and articles about positive, queer pop culture, as well as editing fiction and nonfiction for DecodedPride.com and various other online platforms.

I am available for contract-based and part-time work related to non-book editing, including articles and blog posts, non-profit documents, marketing decks, internal/external messaging documents, applications, legislative and other reports, and websites.

Editing can help anyone take their writing to the next level. And, I’m just the editor to help you do it. Email me now and let’s get this editorial party started.

*I receive a small referral fee for any clients I help bring into LTS Editorial.