Editing for writers

A really great editor will help your writing pop off the page, bringing readers along for the ride. I’m here to help your writing be the very best it can be, offering everything from proofreading to line editing to developmental editing and soon, I’ll even provide personalized coaching. (Email me if you want to be a beta tester at a reduced rate.)

I’m also a writer, so I understand how challenging it is to get your ideas across and how deflating it can be to receive harsh feedback. I’m not here for that! I’m here to be honest and forthright while helping you find your best voice, beat, and genre.

My editorial work with writers is highly personalized as I offer a variety of services including proofreading, line edits, and developmental edits. Depending on your needs, we’ll work together to develop a game plan for improving your essay, book, article, story, or project. Every developmental client will receive an editorial letter that specifically addresses your work and any structural critiques, suggestions for theme development, etc.

Given that my work is highly personalized, I ask new clients to set up a free 30 Minute Exploratory Call to discuss what they’re working on and what their goals are, so I can assess how best to be of service.

I work with clients around the globe and I can’t wait to learn more about you!

I offer reduced rates for writers who are members of historically disenfranchised communities. Email me to learn more.