2020 Online Course – FREE

I teach courses at the public libraries in Denver. I get paid by the library, but they’re free classes for anyone who wants to join. Given the pandemic, those workshops were canceled, so I’m offering a 4-week writing workshop series online for free. But here’s the deal: No one is paying me on the backend for this work, so I’ve modified my workshops to have a free component (open to anyone) and a paid add-on (limited enrollment).

I want this to be valuable for participants, whether or not you pay. The free component is geared toward providing “lectures” (for lack of a better term) about a given topic. The paid component will be used to help participants draft a short story or essay by the end of the workshop series. Participants who pay will get individual feedback on their writing every week they submit something. Four weeks of writing instruction, exercises, and feedback will only be $80.

Register here.

I will be having an information session for those who want to learn about me and the class (complete with writing exercise) on Monday, March 23rd at 6pm (mountain time). If you don’t use facebook, please email me for more information. (writer@sefleenor.com)

Learn more details about the class by clicking through this Powerpoint from the information sessions:

Details, Details

Classes will be held online via Zoom. You will be able to access the videos without a login. Weekly topics will include: Characters, Dialogue, Setting, Theme, and Conflict

Live workshops will take place March 25, April 1, April 8, and April 15.

Here’s what a given session would look like:

  • 6pm – 6:40pm: “Lecture” on an aspect of stories such as Characters or Dialogue with Q+A
  • 20 minute break: Participants doing the Paid component will have a writing exercise during this time. Those who don’t pay will have access to the exercise to do on their own time.
  • 7pm – 7:40pm: Discussion of exercise(s), Extended Q+A, Drafting a short story or essay

I will do my best to record each lecture for flexible viewing. HOWEVER, only those who have signed up for the class will be able to access the videos.